“According to Aristotle, to work is to use all my abilities for the benefit of others. That was my principle in creating Mindfulgems. The idea came up during the difficult days of quarantine; Having already created a strong brand in the field of well-being travel, I realised I had to contribute to change the world and create a new, better reality. I enrolled in an inner MBA, with the goal of learning how to become a mindful leader. Ever since then, I have started an important research, mainly through the Global Wellness Institute, about what could improve a person physically, mentally and spiritually, therefore holistically.
For me it is completely clear that in order for the world to change, we ourselves must change; that way we can positively contribute to the groups in which we belong and subsequently change society as a whole.
After 20 years in the corporate world and 5 years in the paths of self-knowledge and mindfulness, I created Mindfulgems as a solution to improve the well-being of employees of all levels and positions. Since day one, we have been doing extensive research to figure out the needs of employees, CEOs, managers, and human resources executives, all with responsibility and care.
Our scientific partners have the experience and knowledge to support the innovative solutions we propose, and I hope they positively change lives. 
In our short journey so far, we already feel grateful for the people who were members of our team, such as John and Anastasia, but also for the people who are always by our side no matter what happens. Stergio, George and Vicky, Costas, Antonis, Marianna and Argyro, Gina, Vassilis and many others who believed in us.
Today, we are a group of 9 women, all well-being ambassadors; I feel extremely lucky to be discovering with them the power and the evolutionary ability of humans.
Together we share the vision to empower the corporate world with mindful well-being and create positive social change. A change based on education, evolution and integration of what we learn in our daily lives.
The workplace constitutes a journey that we are all part of; together we can discover our path’s organisational power.
I want to share that it is wonderful to work, to use your skills as Aristotle said, for the greater good of other people so that they truly have an authentic smile.” 
Niki Smirni - Creator of Mindfulgems 

Our team:

Our values:



We embody the quality of being real or true

Authenticity is a bedrock of well-being. It means you're true to your personality, values, and beliefs, regardless of the outer environment. 

You're honest with yourself and others, and you take responsibility for yourself.

Practicing mindfulness could provide you with the tools to become more authentic, leading you to think differently and become more observant, accepting and capable of change.


We have the freedom and the power to control what happens to us

When someone is empowered, they feel confident in accomplishing their goals.  

Employee empowerment can build trust in leadership, encourage employee motivation, increase creativity levels, and improve employee retention.

Empowerment combines self-awareness with the mental and physical competency to identify and complete your goals. It requires active hearing and acceptance of feedback.

When processed effectively, empowerment manifests higher levels of self-confidence and a renewed sense of purpose.


We are receptive to new ideas

Openness means to allow yourself an open point of view toward your life, in order to approach the questions in your work life as gifts; with a sense of faith and trust that there is a reason for your experiences. That way you are always compassionate in response to them.

When we are open in our work life, we are open to people’s opinions. We are responsible to ourselves and others to accept other’s opinions and advice, only with the condition that they provide solutions to problems.

We are open to evolution, but not to judgement. We are open to learning new ways of introducing our work, of co-creating with others and of creating well-being strategies. We understand that every person or professional is unique in their own way, therefore we are open to adapting ourselves to their needs.

We listen mindfully to every new idea or solution, no matter from whom it comes from.


We attach importance to what we do

Care starts from ourselves and expands to others.

Self care is the mindful practice of taking the time to pay attention to ourselves.

The same attitude towards others is essential, as being inter-connected is important for our mental and physical wellbeing.

Care is a collective action that can be a game changer in the corporate world.


We have the opportunity and ability to act independently and make decisions 

By accepting responsibility we become more action-oriented. The responsibilities we accept in our lives contribute who we truly are. 

Taking responsibility for our actions is not only a choice; it is an opportunity. Each step we take towards being responsible raises our self-esteem and our relationships with friends, family and co-workers.

We elevate ourselves when we acknowledge how inter-connected we are. We assume responsibility for our impact on others, for our effect on nature. We discover the peace that comes from living with integrity.

We are a responsible, reliable team, able to take to carry our tasks with consistency, stability and care.


We treat one another equally and equitably

Equality means ensuring that every individual inside the company has equal opportunities.

Every person, in a personal or professional setting, is unique in their own way. Our purpose it to treat each person with respect to their character, their position or their background. No matter who we work with, we view one another as equal members of our collective team.

We provide companies with the necessary well-being practices for all individuals, irrespectively of their working level, their origin or what they believe in.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsibility comes in everything we say and do. It is a value we cherish and pass on through our well-being solutions.


We have the freedom to find our sense of purpose, contribute to our communities and evolve personally or professionally, without the burden of want - of struggling to get by in our everyday life. 

We have the ability to achieve our highest potential, individually and collectively.


We all feel grateful for those people in our lives and communities who have paved the way for us through their work.

Therefore, it is our duty to serve them in return and extend this freedom from want, especially to those without the same privileges.

A good state of physical, mental and emotional well-being is of the utmost significance for non-profit workers, volunteers and healthcare professionals. They invest their time in making sure that people in need are well taken care of.


Partnering up with various Non-profit organisations, we offer free access of our platform to their employees.

These organisations include:

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